The dreaded flu has hit our home.  Riley has been sick with a fever since Saturday night.  Last night was 101 and this morning she got up to 102.  Poor girl.  I told her that I was sorry she wasn't feeling well.  Her response was "It's alright Mom.  It's not your fault."  Precious, precious girl.

Julia has gone over to her several times to hug her and to feel her forehead.  She keeps saying "Riley going to the doctor?"  Being that we're past the 24 hour time frame to catch it fast enough, that it costs $100 for the Tamiflu and it only cuts it down by a day and a half and doesn't make you feel better, and that so many others have caught this, we're now just praying that Riley is able to fight this off quickly.  Julia has already been exposed and started coughing today.  Praying that she can stay healthy.

I'll be off of work tomorrow to stay home with the girls.  Keeping Julia home as well tomorrow as she's just as likely to be exposed at school and it'll be easier to let her rest when she is home.


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