On the mend!!

Girls had a good day today - woo hoo!!!  No fevers, a good nap for Julia and much more normal energy from both girls.  So nice to see them behaving and acting like themselves again.

Julia woke me up around 7am and we went downstairs.  Immediately did a ton of puzzles together.  This girl loves her puzzles!!!  She is getting very very good at her Minnie Mouse ones.  May have to find some new ones for her as she just can't get enough of them.

The other night Riley and Julia decided to do Julia's favorite puzzle (the 50 states) together. Jeremy and I found ourselves cracking up!  Riley would be looking to find where a piece went and wasn't taking much time at all.  But Julia would look at the piece Riley picked up and then point and say 'It goes here Ryee!'  or 'I do it for you!'  Riley was totally frustrated and we tried to keep it as light as possible.  Julia was very proud to be able to help her out. If she put a piece in the wrong place or would try to fit it somewhere it didn't belong, Julia would say "It not go there.  It go here." And then she'd put it in the right spot right away.

She is very good at figuring out how to put them together and trying out different places and rearranging them to go together.  Very impressed!!

Riley's reading has exploded.  Amazed at the progress she is making in her reading this year and so thankful she is still loving it!

Madi is now living with Monica and still amazing them as well.  She is truly an amazing girl with so much intelligence and higher level thinking and just so smart.  She's going to do really amazing things in life.  I truly believe that.  She'll get to come and spend the night on Monday night since she has Honor Choir on Monday night.  Looking forward to having her over and spending time with her again!

One more day until I'm back at work.  I'm actually a little nervous because it's been an entire week off and it feels like forever since I taught.  Looking forward to getting back to normal and praying that the rest of the year goes wonderfully!!!


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