Today was one of those days you wish you could relive all over again and for all the right reasons.  It wasn't perfect, but it was memorable and special.  The girls and I stayed home to just enjoy each other and keep warm.  Too cold for this Momma!

We made more perler beads, spent time snuggling on the couch and played in the playroom and downstairs a lot.  I gave them showers and Riley put makeup on Julia. Was so cute hearing her say "Hold still.  I need to get a little more blush on you.  Hold on.  Put your lips together like this (fish mouth) so I can get your lipgloss on right.  Okay?"

I had shown Riley a pattern for an owl sleep mask.  Too cute!  She asked me again today to make her one so I did.  She picked out the yarn and the ribbons that she wanted me to use.  Didn't take very long to make.  She was so incredibly cute with it!!  Wore it all day long on her head ("this is how you are supposed to wear it when it isn't over your eyes.  That's what people do.")  We laid down on the couch with Julia in my lap falling asleep and Riley facing the other direction with her sleep mask on.  I moved so Julia snuggled on my chest and Riley and I were playing footsies trying to figure out where our legs needed to go.  All three of us fell asleep for a nice nap and woke up at the same time.  Sweet, sweet girls.

Then we played upstairs.  Julia's rash has stayed horrible on her legs, but she has no spots on her face or arms anymore... until we went upstairs in the playhouses for not even ten minutes.  Crazy!!!  Now she is covered in spots again.  I was hoping that it was more my imagination that she was allergic to the fabric or something on the fabric, but no.  There is something very much bothering her about it all.

Riley's response to all the bumps was "Mom, I think she is allergic to people!  Because every time she's around you, she breaks out in more spots."  Thanks Riley.  :)

We had a great dinner with lots of laughing, some burping and telling silly stories.  Julia kept trying to sleep on her sleepmat on the chair while Riley kept laughing.

Jeremy put Jules to bed and I had Riley.  We finished the book Beezus and Ramona.  We had some good laughs and good talks.  She asked me to tell her stories about when I was a kid just like the mom and aunt shared in the Ramona book.  So I shared some of her favorite stories:

1 - How she had such an explosive poop when she was first born while sleeping in the bassinet.  And how it woke Jeremy and I up because the sound was so loud.  And how she had soaked through the diaper and everywhere... she finds this story hilarious.

2 - How Uncle Jim locked Uncle Jon, myself and several friends in our white shed behind our house on 440 Cambridge growing up.  And how Jim walked back inside and my mom saw the door banging in and out so she unlocked it only to find that we were all crying and screaming inside.

3.  How Grandpa built a tree swing in our backyard from two logs and a strong rope.  One log sat on top for our arms to hold and the other was for our bottom.  You could swing and kick off the tree on one side and twirl in the air and then kick off the swing on the other side.  Was one of my favorite places to go when I was little!

4.  How we lived on top of a hill in the country and loved to go sledding in the winter.  There was a tree that divided the bumpy hill from the smooth hill.  We would build ramps (mostly my brothers because they were good at them) and we'd often go so fast, we'd cross the road into the field.

5.  How when Jon, Jim and I were kids, we used to argue all the time about where we sat in the car.  All of us fought over the 'middle,middle' seat that was in the back.  And the front seat too.  We also fought over which store would be ours if our parents ever bought the mall.  Then we'd get in arguments over why a certain store should be ours.  My mom always ended it with "We will never buy the mall!"

Riley loves those stories.  She then put on her owl sleepmask and rested against me as we lay down in her bed.  She had a very sleepy, peaceful look on her face.  Such a sweet girl.

I asked her what she wants to do tomorrow.  Her reply was "Paint!" so painting it will be.  It is such a huge blessing to be able to be home with the girls like this and to watch them grow up.  I love that my job allows me to spend so much time with them and still have a job as well.  I especially have loved my job this year because Riley is with me.  That has made such a huge difference.  And only two and a half years until Julia is with me too.  That will be totally amazing!!!


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