The girls seem to be getting to the end of this bout with flu.  Poor things!!  Has been a sweet, but long week.  Riley is still quite emotional and very tired.  Julia had a very rough morning, but by the middle of the day, she was very happy and had more energy.

We spent much of the morning doing puzzles.  Then went upstairs and turned on the lights inside of the playhouses and read tons and tons of books.  We also played with a fake cupcake set that they got for Christmas.  Turns out the markers are very very messy.  By the time they were done with them tonight, Julia's face was almost entirely blue just from her rubbing her hands on her face.  Hilarious.

I have thoroughly loved snuggling with them and spoiling them with hugs and kisses.  I am looking forward to going back to work on Monday and seeing the kids at school.  But I will definitely miss being home with the girls.  They are so precious.

We picked up Madi at the end of the school day and I went inside to pick up Riley's work that she had missed.  Ms. E gave me a book that they read in class that was an older first grade book.  She said she thought Riley would really love to read it.  She was right!

After we got home, I asked Riley if she wanted to do some pages with me.  She goes "Sure! Yippee!  I'm so excited to do my work!"  Hoping this enthusiasm lasts for years... :)

She worked through her five math pages in no time.  And then picked a book we have read and wrote down the title, counted the words in the title and had to write words that she knew from the book.  She started out by reading the story and found twenty one words that she knew.  Then wrote three sentences using the words she knew.  I was impressed.  But then, I'm always impressed with her.

Her report card today was stellar!  She is growing and developing into such an amazing young girl.  It's great to see her love for learning and how she's also developing great character as well.

This weekend should still be fairly low-key.  Jeremy still isn't feeling great and the girls are recovering.  We really would like to go to church, but don't want the girls to pass anything on especially Jules as she is still considered contagious for a few days.


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