Guardianship Paperwork

When Madi first came to stay with us, we had to fill out important guardianship for us to be able to be her guardians and to allow her to go to Ethridge.  Since Monica is back and they are living together, it became very clear very fast that steps needed to be taken to revoke the guardianship on our end so that Monica could make decisions and become the guardian again.

I had to talk to Student Services as well as Mrs. Gooding (principal) and our secretary to figure out what steps needed to be taken so that we could ensure the best outcome for Madi.

Talked with Monica this morning and shared with her the information that I had.  Turns out that she didn't have to work until 5pm and that she was able to come out this way to take care of paperwork today.

So she came out here and we drove to Lewisville.  The girls were really good and Julia was totally out of it (poor thing!!).

We met with Martha Dennis who was extremely understanding and helpful.  We signed all the necessary paperwork and got it all straightened out.  Was a total God thing once again.

We just started the second semester of the school year.  In order for Madi to continue to go to Ethridge despite being out of the district, she could only complete the semester.  Which means that she is able to finish the second semester and end her fifth grade year at Ethridge.  What a total blessing!!!

There were many things that were hurdles: Monica's license has Kathryn's address on it and is not the permanent license just the temporary license; she lives with Gaylan and Beverly, but they do not pay utilities so proving that they live there may prove a challenge (hopefully not!); they live in Levan not in lisd district... just to name a few.

So far none of them have proven to be an issue at all... praying that the utility bill will be no problem as well.

Monica went into Ethridge at the end of the day and was able to obtain new enrollment paperwork for Madi and will fill it out and bring it back tomorrow.

What a blessing that it is all working out so wonderfully and that things are finally returning to where they needed to be.


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