Jeremy told me about a new form of transportation - or at least new to us - that I think we'll just have to take advantage of!!  It's called MegaBus!  Awesome!  One of Karen's relatives uses it and they love it.  It has free WiFi onboard and costs next to nothing.

I found tickets for a trip to San Antonio for only $1 per person per way.  So the girls and I could go down there for a weekend leaving on Friday evening and coming back Monday afternoon for only $6.50.  Crazy.  And then the cool thing is that you don't need a car in San Antonio - you just walk everywhere.  That would just be awesome.  And there are two stops in Dallas and no stops in-between so the trip only takes the same amount of time that it would take to drive there anywhere.  Beats paying all that gas cost!!

From Dallas, you can go up to Chicago and even D.C. though it's a crazy, crazy long drive.

So Mom.... girls weekend trip to either Austin or San Antonio this Spring??!!


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