The Day Before Kindergarten

Shopping!  After church today, Riley and Madi went over my parents' house to have lunch and then to Stonebriar Mall.  The girls each picked out some clothing for school.  Madi got a grey/white/black poncho and a black fuzzy vest.  Riley chose a new dress that is grey with black polka dots and a three-tiered black bottom on it.  Super cute.

We played in the playroom this afternoon.  Was really, really nice.  Madi wanted to clean out her closet and drawers to get them organized before school started - her idea, not mine which was awesome!  So tonight I helped her organize it all and it looks amazing.

Then I had Riley and Jer put down Jules.  Riley was super sweet.  We read a few stories and the Bible.  Then laid down to pray and snuggled.  She's been loving the snuggles lately which is very sweet.  She popped up and said "Mom, we have to pray for Grandpa.  He told me that he would be praying for me and so I told him that we need to pray for him so let's pray."  So we prayed for Grandpa.  Then she and I laid down for a little longer.  I gave her lots of kisses.  And she asked for another sweet thing like a big hug which I gave her.

The girls are both a little nervous about school and excited too.  Though I think Riley is more excited than Madi is.  Riley is nervous that there will be mean kids and we've been praying that she'll make great friends.  She loves her teacher and is excited about school so that's a huge prayer answered already.  I can not wait to see her at school tomorrow!  Very excited that I have a few minutes between classes so I can stop in the lunchroom to give her a hug and check on her day!

Julia still wants to go to kindergarten and is still adamant that she is going.  Sweet girl.

Tomorrow will be full of lots of stories and I can't wait to hear all about their day!!


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