Our Little Preacher

Tonight I gave Riley a shower and then we got on the subject of music class.  I started singing some random Beatles song:  Mrs. Robinson.  Got to the words "Jesus loves you more than you could know... woh woh woh..."

Riley:  Mom, you totally need to teach that song to the kids at school.  They have got to know that our God is SO amazing.  Not everyone at my school knows God and they really need to. (we'd had a talk about how other families teach their kids differently and not everyone believes the same things a few weeks ago)

Me:  Riley, I'm not allowed to teach songs about Jesus at school.  There are laws that don't allow me to.  But I can still follow Jesus and in what I do, show the kids that He is good.

Riley:  Oh no Mom.  You have to tell them about Jesus.  They don't know him and they HAVE to know Him.  They have to, Mom.  They need to know that He is so amazing!


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