From June...

Posted this in Madi's blog in June and just figured out that I meant to put it on here:

Julia has been in a Dora mood these days.  She has only seen one or two episodes of the show, but simply loves her.  We have several Dora books that we've been reading each night.  She loves to find the green turtle in one, talks all about the Mami and Papi and compares their clothing each night, asks over and over to read the book about the eggs.  But I think we've had too much Dora.

Last night Jules woke up at 4:00am.  Actually she was probably up much earlier as I finally heard her at 4:00am and could barely hear her in our room.  When I got to her room, she was wailing.  Her face was wet, she had big tears and was doing the sobbing breathing where she's trying to calm herself, but is very distraught and worked up.

I held her and then rocked her in the chair.  While I was rocking her, she put her arm out - somewhat shakily.  Looked like she was reaching for something.  I said "Jules, are you reaching for something?"  She said tearily "Swiper no swiping!  That's my Grandpa!!"  Poor Jules had a dream that Swiper was taking her Grandpa and she was very sad.

So I spent the rest of the night trying to calm her down and she finally fell asleep on me.  So sweet!


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