I took Riley and Julia to my friend Magda's house today!  They just moved to McKinney and Riley really wanted to play with Maddie and Julia and Emma are now both almost two so it was great that they could play together also.  Madi was sick last night and so she stayed home for the two hours we were gone.  I had thought of cancelling the play date, but then Riley came jumping in the room and was SOO excited this morning and said "I just remembered!  This is a Maddie Neely day!  AHHHHHHH!!!  I need to get ready!"

Their new home is absolutely beautiful.  Magda has incredible decorating skills and it is just beautiful.  Julia has been so awesome with her potty training.  And wouldn't you know it.  Fresh brand new carpet is just screaming to be wet on and that's exactly what she did.  I was so embarrassed.  Felt awful!!  Thankfully most of it was on her, but not exactly the thing I was hoping would happen.

Our second fun incident was when Magda offered all the girls fruit snacks.  In our house we call them gummies.  Of course they were super excited.  Riley saw her pink fly swapper (as Tripp calls them!) and got it out and hit it once on their brand new leather couch.  She thought it was cool looking and had no idea what it was.  I had her apologize and put it on the counter.

The girls continue eating their gummies and I notice that Julia is sitting by their dog Chug and feeding him her gummies.  You know that she must REALLY love you if she gives you her gummies because she doesn't feed or share them with anyone.  Ever.  So I explained that she can't give her food to the dog because it will make him sick.  She said in her cute voice "Alright."  And stopped feeding him for all of five seconds.

Once they had their goldfish and chocolate teddy grahams, the girls started feeding him those too.  So I explained that dogs only eat dog food and that giving him their food will make him sick.  Riley decided to get out Chug's food pellets and call his name until he came to her so she could drop his food on the ground for him to eat.  Turns out Chug usually only eats at night.

I apologized again and told her that I hope he does ok with pink/red gummies, chocolate and orange goldfish.  I felt awful that her brand new carpet could get stained because our girls wanted to share with the pup.

The girls loved spending time with their friends and Chug.  Riley and Maddie spent time in Maddie's room for almost an hour without us hearing a peep from them!  Turns out they were dressing their dolls and trading clothes and having so much fun.  They even locked us out of her room! (or locked Emma and Julia out)

Hopefully we'll be invited over to play again as the girls get along so well.  And hopefully they'll forgive us for the mess and possible other mess that may have occurred from us being there!


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