Working Girl

We are three days into the week and I'm totally wiped out.  It is truly exhausting to be a working mom with three kids in the house.  There is never - and I mean never - a downtime.  At least, not until they are down in bed around 8:15pm and I have just enough time to finish making my lunch, put the laundry from the washer to the dryer, brush my teeth, wash my face and go to bed at 9pm.  Such has been the last three nights.

Obviously I have 'downtime' at the moment and am choosing to write this blog.  One day I'm sure I'll look back and realize that it was a very special time.  And it is.  But it is also non-stop exhaustion mixed with a 'go-go-go' feeling to get everything done.

We've had lots of paperwork from school.  Money to be collected for science items.  Madi is in the "inappropriate fashion show" on EETV tomorrow to demonstrate things kids are not supposed to wear - high heels, flip flops, short shorts, etc...   and trying to explain to an 11 year old girl why it is inappropriate to wear a slinky tank top with spaghetti straps (tanktops that fit her last year and are in the 'don't fit' pile) during the early stages of puberty in front of the entire school is hard.  So we went with "You'll look inappropriate in the inappropriate fashion show."  And that is also hard to explain.  I mean how is it possible to look inappropriate in an inappropriate fashion show?!

In the midst of explaining that and deciphering the non-stop talking from Madi, Julia was in full swing with the whining.  Riley was climbing on the fireplace and all over the place.  Jules kept asking for food, refused to eat it and then asked for more food.  Threw fits when we wouldn't get her cookies.  Or a second helping of gummies.

Riley was incredibly tired.  It was either hyperness or full out crying.  It is definitely the first week of school and getting adjusted to getting up at 5:45am and getting home after meetings around 5:15pm with the three girls.  Dinner, checking planners, doing paperwork, laundry, clean-up, showers (skipped those tonight as there just wasn't time), packing lunches, cleaning more dishes.

The best part of my job is that I have two girls with me.  It is so awesome to be able to stop by Riley's lunch table and give her a hug and tell her I love her.  She even told me today that she loves seeing me at school and she loves having so much time with me.  That it is the best part of her day.

In class, she got super excited that they have music tomorrow.  It will be interesting to teach her in class and see her interact with kids.  She has been playing by herself at recess time :(  but today she saw a friend from her preschool last year and they were able to play together which was great.  I'm hoping she makes some good friends!!

I'm very blessed to have my job and even more blessed to have a job where my kids get to be with me for six years of their schooling.  One week almost done!!!  Has been the best start to a school year that I have ever had here in Texas.  That's a great feeling!!


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