Bye Uncle Jim!!

My brother is moving to Augusta, Georgia tomorrow.  We will miss him so terribly!!  The girls adore him and love giving him hugs and seeing him work at Buca.  He's excited for a new chapter in his life and we're excited for him.  But we will miss him so much!

Tonight I took Julia over to my parents' house to say goodbye to him and hang out.  He was so sweet.  The girls made a video saying goodbye that was precious.  Made us all cry.

Julia was sweet and gave him lots of hugs and would say "Love you Uncle Jim" and "Bye Uncle Jim."  Tonight at bedtime she asked a lot about him and kept saying "He move?  Why?"  So I told her that he had a new job.  She would say "Alright."

We prayed for Jim before I took Jules home and gave lots of hugs.  I can only pray he knows how much we all love him and that his new adventures in Georgia are just what he needs!!


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