Books are so fun!

Riley and I had a 'Mommy Night' as they are called.  Jer and I switch off which girl or girls we have each night and take turns putting them to bed.  We call them 'mommy nights' and 'daddy nights.'  Tonight was my turn to hang out with Riley, read, pray and lay down to snuggle for a bit.

We started off reading in the Jesus Storybook Bible and read about Jesus' birth.  Then read an entire chapter from her new American Girl Doll Book "Mckenna" (the second book that's out).  Then I read her a story out of her Disney storybook that she loves so much!  She always requests a story out of there every night that I read with her.

As we read 'The Lion King' in the Disney book, I would point out words now and again to see if she could read them.  Some easy and some that I just wondered if she knew.  She got excited about reading and was able to read the entire last line of the book.  So then she said that she wanted to read the entire last sentence in the book and with a little help, she did it. She was so excited that she then asked if we could find an easier book that she could do all on her own.

I searched through her nightstand to see if she had any simple ones that were not in Julia's room.  We found three books and I told her that the one to start with would probably be the book "I was so mad" (I made her read the title) by Mercer Mayer.  It's a really cute book with repetitive text and pictures that would help her understand what was going on.  We've read it before, but it has been a long time and that was good so she would actually have to read it and not recite it from memory.

It was amazing!!!  Riley got more excited with every page.  Didn't get frustrated if she couldn't figure out the words and I helped her along the way.  There were many pages where I didn't have to help her at all.  Words like grandma, grandpa, water, mom, dad, and others she did with ease.  Other words like decorate, dollhouse and garden she was able to figure out from the pictures.  And other words I helped her with: don't, won't, wouldn't.  Mostly words that are contractions.

At the end of the book, she dropped her jaw in awe and said "I did it!!!!"  I cheered and we hugged.  She was so excited that she had read the book.  Riley wants to find more easy books that are books she can read on her own or with a little help.  So proud of our big girl!!!


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