Julia has two favorite tv show characters:  Boz the Bear and Dora.  She loves, loves, loves Boz and sings all of his songs which is fine.  They are catchy and cute and have a spiritual message that is awesome.  Dora is ok.  She's cute and repetitive.  She's cute and repetitive.  She's cute and repetitive.  Say it with me!  Oh sorry... got a little repetitive.

We read Dora books every night with Julia.  She's been very sad because our internet hasn't been working which affects our tv due to Netflix.  So her favorite Dora episodes have not been available to watch.  Her favorite book is "Dora had a little lamb" and we found the episode a week or so ago on Netflix.  She was so very happy about being able to see it.  But it hasn't worked so she's been like an alzheimer's victim:

Where Dora go?  Dora had a little lamb?  Oh no.  It not working?  Where Dora go?  Oh no. It not working Mommy.  It not working.

The whole time she is talking her hands are cupped upwards and she is moving them very emotionally and looking very sad about her Dora.

So instead we've read the book many times and we've sung "Mary had a little lamb" even more.  I love that she has her own version of it:

May-ee had a little yamb, yittle yamb, yittle yamb (Mommy you no sing wit me!)
May-ee had a yittle yamb.  Feece why ahs no.

Eh ee where dat May-ee wen, Maye-ee wen, May-ee wen
Dah yamb sure to go.

Ee follow her to cool one day, cool one day, cool one day
Ee follow her to cool one day
He love her so very much (instead of because he love her so).

Incredibly cute to hear her sing it!!


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