A productive and low-key day at the same time.  Possible I guess.

This morning Jeremy had his haircut, then I had my haircut around lunchtime.  I got home to take two of the girls and he had just put Julia to bed.  He and Madi made their way to the office so he could do some work and she could play games on the computer there.  While Julia napped, Riley and I played together and then I made some more American Girl Doll clothes.  The last few days I've been sewing a lot while the girls hung out or watched movies or played on ipods.  It's way too hot to go outside and the girls have been all tired lately (thanks Olympics for being so awesome and hard to stop watching).  So I've let them just chill on their electronics much more than usual.

Julia woke up and then I took the girls to Mardel's to do some prep work for my classroom. Going with an i-pod type of theme this year.  Creating an oversized iTunes card and iPod.  Using the apps to represent things they will learn this year.  I'll have different titles for the six boards on the wall:  iSing - choir;  iPlay - instruments;  iLearn - computer stations;  iRock - their work on the wall; and iCreate - composing.  Will give me a chance to totally change up the look of the room.  Want to make more of the poofy poms to have from the ceiling and have a really fun atmosphere going on.  Hang some small ipod icons from the twirly things I got 75% today (nice!!) and display the oversized large one in the front corner near the piano.  Got some positive posters as well as posters about the different music eras. Bright and colorful is what I'm going for.  Very excited to start this year!  And expecting it to be fantastic.  After such a difficult year last year and how poor the morale at work was, I'm really hoping to make my room a refuge and a fun place to be.

So we got a few things from the store and then came home.  Jeremy came home and made dinner.  I cleaned up and we got the girls to bed.

Julia desperately wanted me again tonight so I took her.  Last night I started the new routine of putting her down while she is still awake and shutting her door.  I talked to her about what it means to be a big girl - Madi is a big girl, Riley is a big girl, Mommy is a big girl.  She always laughs if I ask "Is Daddy a big girl?"  She goes "Nooo!!  He a big boy, Mommy!"

I told her that big girls sleep in big girl beds with their baby dolls or animals.  And they sleep in their beds all night long and can spend time with their friends.  She just said "Ok" and then "Hold my hand.  Don't leave.  Stay wit me.  Pease mommy stay wit me a little more."  I sang several songs and then gave her warning that I was only going to stay for two more songs... then one more song.  I got up and left.  She bawled her eyes out and after three or four times of putting her to bed, she actually stayed in her bed.

And then miracle of all miracles, she stayed in her bed all night long!!!  After almost a month of being woken up virtually every night and either sleeping in her room or having her sleep in our room, we are very thankful that she made it a full night in her room by herself.  Praying that this continues!  And she was incredibly well rested and happy this morning.

Tonight I did the same routine.  Only tonight she still cried, but stayed in her bed and is now asleep only ten minutes later!!  Go Julia!!!!

She is precious!


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