My new hobby is actually an old hobby that I hadn't done in years.  My mom taught me to sew when I was younger.  Don't really remember how old.  I also remember taking a home ec class (why can I not think of how to spell home ec??  I know this is so totally wrong and can not remember how to spell it?!) in middle school and sewing a pillow.  And then sewing some pj pants.

I also remember using my mom's bendable cutting board as a little playhouse and walking in and out of it with my brothers while she would sew.  I remember hiding inside of it and playing with it.

Jeremy had found a great deal on a sewing machine last year for my birthday on Woot.  It was some closeout deal or something.  A Singer Sewing Machine and Serger.  I haven't used the serger yet and have yet to read the manual.  I have finally used the sewing machine.

I started out with a nap mat for Julia that I found on this website:  called "sew like my mom."  The lady there used a kinder mat insert from Walmart and then created a nap mat cover.  Being that Julia's napmat was used by Riley and my parents had found it for cheap at a garage sale, it is close to being ripped apart and she desperately needed a new one.  I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to use my machine!  And it looked easy enough!

The girls and I went shopping at Joann's with coupons and the list of what we needed.  So I took some time a week or two ago to get it all together.  And I am incredibly happy with how it turned out.  Knowing that she'll need two covers just in case one of them gets wet/dirty/whatever, I found super cute fabric to make two covers.

One is a calm, brown/yellow combination with minky dot for the pillow and blanket

The other is a bright pink/black/sparkle combination with the softest pink furry fabric on the blanket.

I also used iron on appliques to add some design as well as rick rack.

At first I wasn't going to add her name, but decided that I could do it!  So I traced out bubble letters on a large piece of paper.  Then used iron on adhesive to the back of the fabric.  Cut out the letters in the fabric.  Then ironed it onto the nap mat section.  On the pink cover, I remembered to use a fancy stitch around the letters to secure them more and add more detail.  Was so fun!!!

Finished Products:

When folded up


How it comes together.


Actual cover 
All three pieces together.

This started out my desire to sew more as I was now familiar with the machine and had plenty of opportunity to work with it. And I am extremely pleased that Julia has already napped on it twice at home and loves it!!


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