School Traditions

My mom and I talked on the phone this afternoon as we usually do.  She asked if they could have a Julia day tomorrow.  She'll pick her up after her haircut in the morning and have some fun with her for a few hours.  Oh. Awesomeness!!  Julia is going to LOVE that!!!

Then my mom asked if she could start a tradition with the girls since it is Riley's first year of Kinder.  She wants to take Madi and Riley to the mall and let them each choose one outfit for their first day of school.  Oh awesomeness again.  They are thrilled!!

I shared what Grandma/Grandpa were going to do tomorrow and Julia can't wait.  She kept saying "Gandpa pick me up tomorrow.  I go play at Grandpa's house!"  She is so excited.

Riley and Madi are already plotting and planning exactly the kind of outfit that they want to get.  Riley asked if she could get an outfit for her doll instead.  Then asked if she could get earrings.  I told her that she'd have to get holes in her ears first and that maybe that'd be a fun Christmas gift from Santa.  She got very excited about that.

Riley then thought it'd be a great idea to get a dress for her doll AND herself.  So I have been explaining that the shopping trip is ONLY for her and she can get one outfit only.  Not more than that.

Madi has in mind the type of thing she'd like but it's a secret.  Riley wants some kind of dress.  With leggings maybe or some shorts.

I'll pass along a "Spend $50, get $25" off coupon for Justice as well as an extra 20% off Gymboree coupon.  Hopefully my mom will be able to use those and keep things a little less expensive.  Can't wait to see what they pick out!!!

I've been trying to think of some traditions we might like to start here.  The obvious is the first day of school picture.  Might be fun to do a German tradition of a Schultuete...  or a fun breakfast like crumb cake or something.


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