I had my first day of the official school year today.  On a Friday.  Yup.

I've been in the classroom the last five days and working hard to get everything done.  It's been overwhelming trying to balance everything, get the girls prepped and Jules settled in preschool and getting back into work things.  One bulletin board has already taken me two and a half hours and it's not finished yet.  Though this I know:  the room looks amazing due to the amount of time I'm spending on it!!!

I decided that I can't control my work environment;  can't control who I work for, under, work with or what my job circumstances are;  can't choose which children I teach;  can't choose which duties I have.  But I can control the type of room I have and how it makes children feel when they walk in it.  And I can control my attitude and my ability and my effort in my classroom and my teaching.  So I'm really working on focusing on the things I can control at work so that I can let the other things go.  Not to mention spending every night and morning praying and spending time in God's Word to get me mentally and spiritually prepared for my day.  Which is literally a spiritual battlefield every. single. day.

To spruce it up, I have some cool posters in my office, some poofy poms, spiral thingies, and a really cool framed print that reminds me why I do what I do.

Jeremy took today off to save us money on daycare.  Speaking of which, we had so much credit from our Flex Savings Plan, that daycare for two and a half weeks this month only cost us $84!!  That's SO much better than the $1800 we were paying last year.  Praise God!!!!

The girls were sad I wasn't going to be home so Jer and I talked last night and decided that he should do something fun with them.  So he surprised them with a trip to the movies to see Brave - a new Pixar film.  He said he bawled like a baby in two parts and that it wouldn't be a true Pixar film if you didn't cry.  So true!  We both bawled our eyes out at the end of "Tangled" and in "Up" and every other Pixar movie we've ever seen.

The girls loved the surprise!  Then they got some ice cream this afternoon!


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