Five More Days!!

Every time that we count down the days until Kindergarten starts with Riley, she gets more and more excited.

Me:  Only five more days!
Riley: (eyes wide open, jaw dropped) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (very, very high pitched)

She told me the other day that she's a little bit nervous about Kinder, but that she is very excited too.

We've been praying that she'll make great friends, like her teachers and make great choices at school.  I can not wait to see what this year brings for her!

Julia is very excited about kindergarten as well!  She has been arguing with Riley quite a bit about it actually.  Usually when they are in the car on the way to dropping her off at preschool.  Typical conversation:

Jules: I go to KINDERGARTEN, RI - LEY!!!!!

Riley:  No Jules.  I am going, but you go to preschool.

Jules: NOOOOOOOO!  No Riley!

Riley:  Jules.  Jules.  I am serious.  You don't go to kindergarten.

Jules: I GO!  I go Kindergar-TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we've told Riley to stop correcting her and that we'll just tell her "yes, you'll go in a few years!  Huh, Jules?!"  That seems to be working as she doesn't understand time, but she knows she'll go at some point.  Julia has been doing totally amazing at preschool in the transition class.  They moved her up to the class since she is fully potty trained.  She's the youngest one in there, but she is keeping up with all the older kids and doing what they are doing.  So proud!

Madi is excited, but not near as much as the other girls.  She'll feel better about it after she has her first few assignments and can tell how much work she'll be doing this year.  Should be a great year for her!!


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