American Girl Doll Clothes

I have now moved on to sewing doll clothes for Madi and Riley's American Girl Dolls.  They have a few outfits, but as I had quite a bit of fabric left, I thought it'd be fun to try it!

I found some incredibly cheap fabric in the clearance section that was 50% the marked price.  For almost one yard of this thick and awesome looking tweed plaid and almost one yard of thick lace, I only paid a little less than $4.  So happy!

Here is how the hat and coat turned out from the tweed plaid fabric.  The pattern was very vague.  I added a silky maroon lining to it as well as doubled the fabric with a silk lining on the hat.  Had to play around with it a little bit.  Loved that there was enough fabric to make both the girls their own coat and their own hat.  Riley's coat doesn't have as much of a finished look as it was my first attempt to figure out a way to add the lining as well as sewing the ends.  This pattern was originally made out of felt in the design, but I couldn't resist sewing it using the gorgeous tweed!  Here is Madi's doll and her coat/hat:

To make little white tshirts for the dolls, I actually cut up some of my old tshirts and recycled them in that way.

My old sleeveless tank

Riley has a pair of pants with a matching shirt that has a pocket made from the same material.  All of it was taken from her dress that had ripped.  Pocket is a little high so I need to lower it, but still cute!  First attempt at creating pocket and adding it on.

Madi now has a pair of pants and matching top with a pocket.  All of that outfit was taken from one of her old tshirts.  Don't have a picture of that one yet.  Here are two pictures of Riley's doll wearing a shirt made of another old tshirt and pants/pocket made from leftovers from Julia's napmat.

Has been so much fun to find fabrics in our old clothes and cutting them up and recreating them.

Today I made Madi's doll a new outfit - brown shirt with lace pocket and pink/brown/white striped pants.  I also made Riley two new shirts to go with her pants that I made yesterday.

I love how short the seams are, how simple the patterns are - once you kind of figure it out yourself because they are SO poorly written and how fun it is to the see the girls dress up their dolls in their original clothing.


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