Riley's First Day of Kindergarten!!

Riley and Madi did awesome this morning.  Jules was great too, but did NOT want to get out of the car seat.  She wanted to stay with the girls.  But I spent a moment with her getting her settled and did a silly dance as I left and she did great.  No tears!!

It was so awesome having Madi and Riley in the car on the way to school this morning.  Riley was so happy and appeared very calm.  We got to school and she put on her backpack and carried her lunch in.  One of the teachers saw her and said “Hey, who has their first day of Kinder today?”  Riley called out “I do!!  I’m SO excited!!”  When I took them inside, Riley told me “This is my favorite part” and ran into my room to set off the motion sensors so the lights would go on. 

We walked outside to get pics of them by the flagpole.  I took several.  Thankfully they allowed all parents to drop their kids off at their classrooms so Riley didn’t have to sit by herself in the cafeteria.  The three of us walked together and hugged.  Mrs. Hill asked Riley if she was ready for Kinder and Riley said “I’m just SOOO excited!!!”  Madi then went off to her class.  Riley and I walked to her room.  I helped her hang up her backpack and she was told to get out her box to start coloring.  Kiah was already there and Riley asked her where she was sitting.  She walked over next to her and said “Bye Mom!  I love you!”  I gave her a quick hug, she sat down with her friend and didn’t say anything more.  I left to do outdoor duty.

Mrs. Gooding saw me in the hall and said she had stopped by Mrs. E’s room.  Riley clung to her and said “I love your phone!!!” (she had let Riley use her phone when I was working in my room to play games about two weeks ago)  She thought it was funny.

I saw Madi in the cafeteria getting the run down of how to go through the line and gave her a hug.  She told me she loved me and looked very happy.

Ms. T, the counselor, told me that Riley was a doll and that she was just precious.  She said she was so well-behaved and sweet.  Several other teachers came to brag on her and it totally made my day.  So proud of her!

Riley was exhausted at the end of the day.  Didn't really say too much other than that she wished she could have a build a bear from the mall :)  She was teary and tired and settled down once we were home.

Can't wait to see how the second day of school goes!!

First Day!!

Walking in her classroom 


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