Riley's First Music Class

Riley has been waiting all week until her class had music with me.  She's been anticipating it and was very excited.  As her class walked down the hall, I saw her clutching her cardigan near her mouth, heard her high pitched squeal (very muffled thankfully) and saw her jump up and down.  I had prepped her by telling her that she'd have to stay in line and she'd be sitting by her classmates.  That I probably wouldn't choose her for games and such today as that wouldn't seem fair to the other students.  She told me that she totally understood and that she was fine with that.  And then reminded me that I had already told her all these things so I didn't need to say it again.

As her class walked into music, I watched as she was wiping her eyes with the back of her hands.  Riley had red cheeks and her smile couldn't have been bigger.  She was crying because she was so incredibly happy.  We started the lesson by walking along the dots in a circle and singing "Looby Loo."  As I sang and the kids followed the words in the song, Riley called out "Mom - this song repeats a lot!  You keep saying the same thing over and over!"  I motioned to her to not blurt out and did so as quietly as I could as she was still somewhat teary and I didn't want to start an outburst with her.

Then we played a poem name game.  She was so into it - very wide eyed - and started saying the poem nice and loud with the other kids.  She really wanted to be chosen during the "Here we sit" game - where I sing a song while the kids hide their eyes and I choose one student to hide behind the piano.  Then the students have to figure out who is missing. Helps me learn their names!  But I chose other students today and she handled that totally fine.

We then played rhythm sticks.  The kids loved that!  And we did a dance to "If you're a kid" - a YouTube video that has a great beat.  They were so cute.

The kids then sat on the lines on the floor and I read "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom."  We sang our ABC's next.  Her class sings SO good!!  Especially for their first day in kinder.  Loved it!

They also learned some sign language and we sang the song "Welcome to our School."  They were just amazing.

Riley sang out strong, played good patterns on the sticks and had a smile on her face the whole class.  She looks so little compared to many of the kids (which makes sense since she is one of the young ones who won't be six until next May).

Several times throughout class, Riley would just call out "I love you mom!"  "I love you Mom!"  She always said it somewhat soft and always with a very sweet voice.  I would usually say "I love you too!" and then move on in the lesson.  It was quite cute.  Though I'll definitely have to talk to her about blurting out so others don't follow too.

One of the girls in her class said "You're her mom??"  I replied with "yes, I am!"  Then she said "I wish my mom could be a teacher so I could see her at school."  I do have to say it is one of the most amazing parts of my job and I'm so blessed to be able to have Riley with me.  Especially knowing she'll be with me for six years.  That will be amazing if that can occur.

Riley didn't want to leave music class and started to get teary in line.  She was about to get clingy and I told her that she had to do what everyone else was doing, that I'd see her in two hours and that she'd be fine.  She did end up crying in class, but she was totally fine.

It was a very fun day!  And has been the easiest start to a school year that I have had in years.  In fact, it's been a very long time since it's been this easy.  Could very well be due to Riley being with me and all the hard work from the past five years is now paying off since I can be with her.


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