I'm sure that God has blessed our girls with gifts that we are not able to see yet.  But I have no doubt that they possess certain gifts already as evidenced by their actions and behaviors.  Just writing them down for future reference for them in case they are ever feeling down and wondering if there is anything good in them.

Riley - Your gift, sweet girl, is the gift of encouragement.  You are very aware of others' feelings and concerned for how others are doing.  You always seem to know what to say to make others feel better and to help.  You love helping!  And in a way I have never seen another child help.

Examples of your gift of encouragement:
- reminding me yesterday when I was frustrated that the computer wouldn't work right in Microsoft Word, that Daddy is a good helper and that it is good to ask for help when you can't do it on your own. And that Daddy is doing a great job.
- standing by Daddy whenever he's working on something and telling him repeatedly what a great job he is doing.
- drawing with me and telling me that my artwork is really beautiful.
- praising Julia for something she is working hard at - whether it be puzzles, jumping, drawing
- telling Madi that you love her even when she is mean to you and when she is not mean to you
- caring about Julia at dinner when she got scared as she slipped and going over to hug her to tell her that she was ok and that you were sorry it happened even though it had nothing to do with you

Julia - Your gift, sweet girl, is the gift of joy.  Many people are happy, but you have a special something inside of you that brings pure joy.

Examples of your gift of joy:
- You exude joy in everything you do.
- You giggle constantly with a deep, hearty laugh.
- You never stop smiling and are rarely in a bad mood.
- You wake up completely full of joy and ready to take on the day!
- You go to sleep with a sweet smile every night.
- You love being around people.
- You're most happy when there are people you love all in the same room and noone is missing!
- You truly love life and are happy just to be you and to be alive each and every day.


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