Passing it on

Madi was sick on Sunday night in the middle of the night.  Thought it was due to intolerance of dinner or just upset stomach.  Thankfully she only got sick one time and made it to the bathroom.  Today she was totally back to normal which was great!!  And I was very thankful to know that we were passed it. Or so I thought...

Riley complained of her belly hurting this morning and didn't eat much for breakfast.  I had piano students this morning starting at 8:30am and by 10:00am she was laying down on the sofa by the piano in a daze.  One of the moms came over for their lesson at 10 and asked if she was sick.  I told her that she had told me she wasn't feeling great, but that she had no other signs of being sick.

I finished the four lessons and then headed to the dentist.  Riley came with me.

Got two cavities filled and Riley was awesome!  Played on my phone and was so sweet.  The dentist and hygienist commented on how awesome she was.  Always is!  I called my mom and was chatting with her.  Riley said she felt sick and went to squat in front of the toilet, but forgot why she was there and associated it with other things.  As I'm talking to my mom, I hear the sound of flowing water.  Riley looks down and laughs and says "Oh no!  Oops."  Turns out she was peeing in front of the toilet. She and I both started laughing really hard.  So I cleaned it all up and gave her a shower.

We got home and she wasn't really hungry for much but said she really wanted blueberry eggos.  So I made her two eggos.

Told the girls that I needed to run to Michaels to finish getting a few things for my classroom as I'm planning to start set up this week and get going on decorating it.  Riley decided to come with me and was great - just hanging out and talking.

She rode inside the cart at Michaels because she had worn small shoes and they were hurting her feet.  She played on my phone at the end of the store and helped pick out some posters, paper and other accessories for my room.  Was fun!

Thankfully there wasn't anyone in line and there was only one cashier working so we were able to get right up to the counter.  I took everything out and set it on the counter.  Riley set my phone down.  As soon as she got to the last few items, Riley looked up at me and said "I'm going to throw up."  And I saw her head go back a little and grabbed my phone as quick as I could.  Selfish I know.  I just could not stand the thought of it getting thrown up on.

And away she went.  And went and went.  Poor girl got sick all over herself, the cart, inside her shoes (as I set them in front of her to catch some of what was coming).  The cart had holes in it which meant it went through it and all over the floor.  As she started getting sick, I asked the cashier for a bucket, towels or whatever she had.  She was a young girl (teen) and obviously did not realize that you need more than one thin paper towel to collect the mess so I continued to ask for more and more.

I cleaned up the floor, the cart and some of Riley's face and arms.  Her face was beat red.  And when I looked behind me, there were now 4-5 people in line watching the whole scene.  None of whom offered to help.  Not that I blame them!  Between the sound and the smell and the fact that we were very calm and getting it taken care of, they were probably stunned.

Somewhere in the midst of it all, I handed her my card to pay for the items.  Little did I realize it was my health savings card and would be rejected.  She told me to go ahead on my way and that I could go to the bathroom in the back.  I didn't wait for a receipt.  I just took her back.

Riley said very sweetly "Mom can you take me to the bathroom to clean me up?"

One of the workers asked if he could help and I told him that I knew I wasn't allowed to have merchandise in the bathroom so I was trying to prop my feet against the door and lean to reach the faucet.  So I asked if he could simply hold the door open.  He said no problem and helped out.

I got Riley out of the cart.  Threw away her shoes - not worth trying to clean up at all - and wiped off her dress.  She had chosen one of her dresses that she loved from the cruise and was all fancied up.  Thankfully it's machine washable.

Then I cleaned the floor as more had dripped all over and cleaned more of the cart and the worker helped clean my arm as I had stuff on me as well.

As we're cleaning up, the cashier comes back and says that my card didn't go through.  So in front of the people, she had to wait for someone to open another register and then find me to get my credit card. Was so embarrassed that I'd handed her the wrong card!  Let her take it to the register to ring it up while I finished taking care of Riley.  She brought it back and I thanked them and apologized several times for the mess.

Riley and I stayed extremely calm the whole time.  Just got the job done.  I carried her and our items out of the store and told her how proud I was of how she handled herself and that I was so sorry she had gotten sick.  She was very sweet.  They gave us a trash bag to use in the car if it happened on the way home.  Thankfully she got sick just that once.

Got home and gave us both another shower.  Pulled her hair back and put her in comfy clothes.  For the rest of the day, I cancelled piano students and then had her lay down to watch tv.  She took a good nap and even ate two pieces of toast with butter.  Has kept it down.  Now praying that Jules can avoid getting it!  Gave her some probiotics in her juice today and they have helped in the past so here's to hoping!!


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