School Supply Drop Off Night!

Today was nuts.  As is totally normal a few days before school starts.  I had a music teacher meeting all morning, came home to eat lunch and then went back to school to work on tons of things.  Didn't get done with all of them, but so thankful to have tomorrow as a school work day.  Picked up Riley and Madi at their fun camp and then picked up Jules.  Drove through Sonic for dinner and took all of us back to school to eat lunch ala picnic style!  Got some butcher paper and set it on my floor while the four of us ate.

We all changed into our clothes for the school supply drop off night - me, I got to wear my lovely bowling shirt with the Ethridge logo.  Seriously not cool looking.  Especially when it goes well with jeans, but we can't wear them and have to wear business pants.  Polyester does NOT mix with business pants.

Anyway, Jeremy met up with us and we got the girls all set to meet their teachers and classmates.  We took Riley to her classroom first since Madi had been to the school the year before.

Mrs. E greeted us at the door.  Then told us to find a chair and follow the directions on the paper.  Riley asked Mrs. E where the pencil sharpener was and then sharpened her pencil with help.  She helped sort her items into the proper places and found her locker.  It was super cute watching her sit in the Kinder chairs and picturing her learning in Mrs. E's room.  I think she'll do fantastic!

She got to sit by her friend Kiah.  We met up with Kiah and her mom at the mall this summer so it was nice that they both knew each other.  She also got to meet a few other kids in her class.  They were all really nice and so cute!

Then we took Madi to her class.  Totally different in Fifth Grade compared to Kinder.  The kids just set all of their items on the desk of their choice.  Madi wrote her name on the desk using erasable marker.  She chose to sit next to her friend Elizabeth and across from her friend Gracie.  I fully expect that won't last long as they will talk incessantly!!  There is no way the three of them would not talk.  But that will be Mrs. Von's to deal with.  And I have no doubt that she'll handle it great.

Madi set her stuff down, put her bag in her locker and met all four teachers that she'll be with this year.  I think she'll have a great year too!!

The hallways were super crowded with parents and kids.  There were tons of new students since our school has been rezoned and lots of students that moved into the area.  I'm very excited about that!!  Feels like a new school and hoping for a refreshing year that is much better than last year was!


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