Talent Show

Riley is wanting to be in the Talent Show at school this year.  We have auditions on Tuesday.  She was planning to play a piano piece that she has prepared for her piano recital;  then decided that she could do her gymnastics routine;  now she is wanting to sing a song.  I should back up...

We read the Bible as we always do every night, but some nights seem more full of God's Spirit and His Word speaking than others.  We were reading the story of Jesus getting baptized by John.  It talked about the Holy Spirit and Riley wasn't sure exactly what that was.  I talked to her about how there are three parts to God:  Holy Spirit, God the Father and Jesus.  That each of them play a role in our lives kind of like how we play different roles (sister, daughter, gymnast, athlete, singer, etc...).  Talked about how we can't see God's Holy Spirit just like we can't see Jesus, but He sent His Spirit to be with us and to speak to us in our minds and our hearts.  When we sense what is right and what is wrong, that is God speaking to us.

We also got on the subject of how there are other gods in this world.  I like to be really honest with her about our faith and why we choose to worship Jesus as there are so many other religions and beliefs and gods in the world - so why Jesus?  I shared about how some gods are statues and people worship the statues that can do absolutely nothing for them.  They are not real.  Yet some believe they are.  I went into more detail about what I know about Buddhism from going to Thailand.

She had a lot of questions about Satan and if Satan was a God.  Why do people want to be like him?  Is he a spirit or a god too?

When it came time to pray, she asked that we pray for Satan to go away forever and for God to do away with Him.  I shared about how when Jesus comes back, we will be a part of his army and will fight Satan and evil.  That Satan will not win; Jesus will.  And Satan will be locked up and away forever.

Back to the Talent Show -

We have been listening to Kari Jobe's new worship cd "Majestic" every morning on the way to school and every afternoon on the way home.  We sing along and it's awesome.  After we dropped off Julia, Riley asked:

"Mom, I'm thinking that I'd like to sing a song for the Talent Show.  Could I sing a song about Jesus? Because I try to tell everyone about Him so they will believe."

My response with teary eyes was "Of course!"

She continued with "I want them to know Jesus.  He's not like a statue that doesn't do anything for you."

Riley said several other very gentle and Spirit-filled thoughts that I really wish I could remember.  In the end, what I do remember is how strong her belief in Jesus is at the age of seven.  I can only pray that she continues to believe and trust and see that Jesus truly is real.  And why He is our God.


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