Month Five Review

Goals for 2014:

1 - Found I didn't plan to send emails or letters to friends/family this month.  When I get busy, others get left out.  Hoping to make a plan to do this better in June.

2 - Just over two weeks before the Orff Class begins.  All paid, all set and can't wait!

3 -  Signed up for my first class for my Master's Degree.  Starts in August - so excited and blessed!  Still studying when I can!

4 - Read a lot this month:
Carry On Warrior
Kisses From Katie
The Happiness Project
One in a Million
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Still working on these:
On Chapter 14 of "A History of Music"
Started "Wide Awake" - over halfway finished
Almost halfway through "Why Children Succeed"

5 - May Spending - another expensive month.  Girls had no shorts that fit and no tank tops and no swimsuits that fit.  Had several birthdays.  I purchased some new skincare items by Rodan and Fields.  LOVE them!

Side Note:  If you want information, I'd be glad to give you the name and information for my friend Lindsay Derocher.  She's incredible and the products are worth every penny.

Purchased awards for piano students, teacher gifts, talent show costume items, talent show shoes.  After all Gaga wears tall heels and my teacher shoes don't work for that.  Found the most amazing and outrageous Gaga shoes at DSW - about 5 inch stiletto heels.  Actually pretty comfortable and I felt taller than I've ever been ;)

Definitely didn't even come close to the $150 dollar amount.  Thankful June starts tomorrow to have a fresh start.

6 - Just simply not paying the girls for any chores at the moment.  They help fold laundry and clean up and that's about it.

7 - For Mother's Day, Jeremy gave me a membership at a local gym that is new.  It's really affordable, has childcare and while not Lifetime Fitness, it has everything I need to workout when it is hot this summer.  I should add that he also has a membership there as well.  It's a fun family event!

This past month I worked out whenever I could fit it in.  There were a few days I didn't get to it, but managed to do more than I thought I'd be able to.  I only have three days left of the P90x3 workout plan and I'll have finished it!  Today's workout will be yoga and then just two more to go.

8 - Need to see if we can do a weekend trip now that summer is fast approaching.  Jeremy's company has an audit in July which means less time he can take off and tons more work for him to do to prepare as well as a lot more stress.  Puts our plans on hold until the audit is finished.

9 - Saved $1009 dollars.  Feels awesome!  Five months into the year and seven left to go.  Would be amazing to double what I was hoping to save!

10 - Kindness Advent in December.  A few months away still.  Gathering some neat ideas though!  Including Riley and I sewing pillowcase dresses for girls in Africa; donating books to Lakeside Montessori (where Julia attends school) using Books by the Foot.  Can't wait to find interesting and unique ways to give this year!  If you have any ideas, please post a comment or tell me on Facebook or text!

11 - Making peace with the ugly bathroom for now.

12 - Attended the Women's Retreat "Wide Awake" and loved it.  Shauna Niequist would be my best friend if we lived near each other.  Of that I'm sure.  Hoping there is a summer bible study!

13 - Our meal this month was delicious!  Check it out here:  May Meal

14 - Said a lot of 'song prayers' this month on the way to school and during planning period.  Turned on particular songs and sang them as prayers as I just didn't have the words.  Prayed for certain people more than others due to situations that needed prayer.

15 - Don't remember even playing piano much except when demonstrating at lessons or in the classroom.  Didn't even choose a song to learn.  Something had to give this month and apparently it was this as I just didn't get it done.


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