Official Party News

Well, we've almost done it!  It's just after seven pm and the girls are all calm, lying on pillows in the living room and watching Despicable Me 2.  We had moments of quiet, moments of crazy loud and moments of just fun play time.

The decorating was a lot of fun for Riley's party.  I tried a balloon thing on our dining room light.  Turned out well for the first time doing it!  Going to experiment a few more times as we have more parties.  My dad brought place mats and signs that the designer at his work created just for Riley.  Some of the girls wanted to take their place mats home with them.  They were very special and fun!

The girls came starting around 3pm.  They loved the perler bead time and the Wii when they first arrived. They trickled in over about an hour which was great.  They all got along - not one argument all night!!

They enjoyed choosing numbers to figure out which bed was theirs.  Earlier in the party they were looking it all over and talking about which one they were hoping to get.  None of the girls argued about them and they all seemed quite happy with their party favor.

The girls picked out a number from a jar that matched a number on one of the bed sets that were laid out.  They then stuffed their pillows.  We went upstairs where I helped them each sew their pillow on the sewing machine.  Each girl directed the fabric under the needle and foot as it was sewn.

Of course there has to be something that goes wrong.  We have yet to have a party at our house without something happening.  Thankfully it wasn't an overflowing toilet this time!  The girls wanted to look out the dining room window and pulled the curtain rod out of the wall.  Let me tell you how incredibly thrilled Jeremy is about that!

They ate Chick-Fil-A nuggets and some other foods for dinner.  They were so incredibly quiet - very hungry I think!

Riley then opened her presents.  She got really thoughtful gifts and a wide variety of things that she will have fun using.  One of the girls told her that another girl's present was one that had been given to the girl and she had never opened it so she gave it to Riley.  Thought that was awesome!  And it ended up being one of Riley's favorites.  :)

Dessert was a hit with brownies made by my dad and ice cream.  Some of the girls brought pjs to change into for movie time.  Riley chose Despicable Me 2 and they all got comfy in the living room.  Some of the girls were still hungry so they ate strawberries and bananas.

Overall the girls were truly very well-behaved.  One of the benefits was that the house was thoroughly cleaned before hand and as each event finished, we cleaned up as we went so there is virtually nothing left to do except vacuum!  Thankful for that!

I asked Riley what she thought of her party and she said it was great.  All while holding her thumbs up.  Hoping it was a memorable and special day for her!


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