Ideas for Christmas/Next Year/Goals for 2015

I love to make goals and see them happen.  Sometimes I have ideas that I want to remember and then don't.  So I'm going to add on to this post whenever something comes to mind so I can refer back to it.

1 - From Gretchen Rubin:  Write a book in a month.  Or even just write a book at all.  This is something I've always wanted to do.

2 - Memorize scripture.  Will ask Ashley Paukovitz more about how she did this as that as this is one of her goals this year.

3 - Use and create memory books for the girls from the blog.  Riley is constantly asking for stories of when she was younger and I can't always remember them.  Getting them memory books for Christmas would be fun!

4 - Get a Vitamix and make shakes (healthy ones).

5 - Make Christmas more about things to do than things to get.  Experiences and not things.  (Ideas:  TopGolf night out, movies, dinners out with the girls, working in the yard to plant flowers, go on weekend trips to Austin/San Antonio/Oklahoma/Lousiana/Arkansas, Dallas Arboretum, Nasher Sculpture Center which is free the first Saturday of every month starting this month)  They don't need more things.


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