Knock Knock

Riley came to me to tell a joke and asked "Mom, will you remember me in a year?"

I replied "Yes, of course!"

Riley then smiles and says "Knock Knock!"

I say "Who's there?"

She laughs and says "You forgot me already!"

The four of us giggled.  Then she turned to Julia to do the joke again.

Riley:  Julia will you remember me in a year?

Julia:  Yes.

Riley:  Knock, Knock!

Julia:  (slight pause)  Rile!!

We all laugh as she completely gets the joke.  And not only that but turns it around to prove that she got it.

The girls kept going back and forth sharing the joke for a while.  Jeremy showed them how to elongate the joke by adding more questions like "Will you remember me in a day?  Will you remember me in an hour?"  The girls kept laughing over and over.


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