Kisses From Katie: An Awesome Book!!!!

Author:  Katie J. Davis
Pages:  304
Her blog:
Her ministry:
How to support her ministry:  Donate

This book was truly one of my favorites.  I am so inspired by her decision to follow Christ whole-heartedly and to truly care for the sick, poor, hurting and needy children and people in Uganda.  The book made me want to go adopt a child or two as I read about the children’s living situations.  I mentioned it to Jeremy and he said he didn’t have that same calling.  Thinking that if God truly wants us to do that at some point, He’ll work on Jeremy’s heart on that.   For now, we can at least help support her ministry.

If we can’t adopt at the moment, then I really want to go to her blog and donate to her organization called Amazima.

If you’re looking for a place where God can use your resources and your love, this is a great organization to donate.  There is a choice to donate or to support a particular child.  Jeremy and I support a little girl in The Philippines through Compassion International.  I’m excited to support another girl in Uganda!  It’s amazing how little money it costs to change a child’s life.  Seriously.  $25 can sponsor a child each month – that’s only $300 a year.


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