Riley Turns Seven

Riley had a very exciting day today for her seventh birthday.  It was Field Day at school!  She got to bring cookies for her class.  (Shhh... don't tell, but they were supposed to be for Volunteer Lunch, but we were home due to her sickness so I had them all bought actually.  Just worked to bring them for her birthday!)

When we woke the girls up, Riley came downstairs to find three presents on the fireplace:
- a spirograph set
- colored pencils
- diary with a lock and key

She told me later "This is the best birthday ever!!"

For dinner, Riley chose the restaurant and immediately chose Cheesecake Factory.  She was super excited about it until she realized that Julia got a plate with chocolate writing on it at Maggiano's.  She mentioned it and we told her that she still made a great choice.  When the waiter brought the cheesecake that Riley chose, the plate had chocolate icing on it.  Riley was ecstatic - and then they sang to her which made her excited too.

So thankful for such an amazing girl!  Happy birthday Riley!


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