No Words

After the conference ended, I walked out with Tessa and Kacy.  We talked a little as we went and then said goodbye.  I walked to my car and hit the unlock button.  I stopped in front of my car and had to wait a while for the lady next to me to shut her door.

Opened the door and sat down.  I was confused as there was a pacifier in the passenger seat and there were fabric seats (mine are leather).  It took a minute as I took it all in and then looked up to see an older lady looking at me with a strange face.

I called out as I got out of her car "This isn't my car!"

She didn't smile but also didn't look mad as she said "No.  It's my car!"

We figured we must have hit the unlock buttons on our cars at the same time.  My car was one row over in basically the same exact place.

I texted Kacy and couldn't stop laughing about sitting in the lady's car.  I can't imagine what the lady must have been thinking as she watched me get in!!  Ha!


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