Riley's Seven Year Old Birthday Party

Today has been long anticipated!  Riley has invited her friends over for her seventh birthday party.  Each girl is bringing their favorite doll and their pjs.  It's not a sleepover, but we will be ending the party with a movie and popcorn.  And nothing is better than wearing your pjs while doing that!

It will be five hours of crazy girl screaming, high pitched voices and hopefully tons and tons of smiles.  I guess you could call it an American Girl Doll Party.  The party favors are all for their dolls and we have a life-size American Girl Doll box for each of the girls to pose in.  I created it based off of other posts that I had seen.

I like to lesson plan birthday parties.  Keep it organized, but also flexible so that it's not completely like a classroom.  Here is the plan for the afternoon:

3pm:  Guests arrive.  Pjs go in Riley's room.  Girls get to choose from making perler bead creations, coloring pages and puzzles, playing upstairs in the playroom (dolls/barbies/whatever) or playing the Wii.  This will last for almost two hours.

4:45pm:  Wash hands and find their dinner seats.

5pm:  Dinnertime!  Chik-Fil-a chicken nuggets, chips (healthy ones!), crackers, bananas, strawberries.

6pm:  (Roughly)  Riley opens her presents.  She's excited about doing this with friends because she didn't get to do it last year at her gymnastics party.  Opened the presents at home with just family and this year she really wanted to do it with her friends.

6:30pm:  (again, somewhere around there)  Ice cream - choose from Blue Bell Chocolate or Vanilla with berries and bananas if they want some fruit;  brownies made by my Dad and Ghirardelli (the best ever)

7:00pm:  (or around there)  Girls get into pjs, find a spot in the living room and watch a movie that Riley will choose.  She has yet to tell us which one she wants so we'll see what she's in the mood for later on.

8:00pm:  Moms and Dads come to pick up their girls.  Hopefully lots of smiles and plenty of "Already???"


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