May Meal

Another great night of cooking!  We mixed up two recipes that I will definitely make again for the family.  My parents came over to play with the girls, but found that Riley and I were at Hawaiian Falls (a very  spontaneous trip planned as we had dropped Jeremy's car off at Firestone and then walked home; as we walked past H.Falls, Riley asked if we could go so we went home, got changed and went while Julia napped).  They also found Julia still napping.  By the time we got home a little after they had arrived, the house was dark, the rain was almost starting and we were all hungry!

Main Course:  Pineapple-Glazed Chicken with Jalapeño Salsa (from Epicurious)
I was in charge of the main course this month!  Easy to cook and so incredibly delicious.  A meat thermometer has been the one item that has completely changed our cooking of meats.  Thank you Dad2!!!

Side Dish:  Roasted Vegetable Gnocchi with Spinach Herb Pesto (from Southern Living)
My mom made the most amazing side dish.  And I could actually have this pesto as there were no walnuts.

There were virtually no leftovers except a few slices of red pepper, three pieces of veggies and some rice.  An outstanding meal!

I really love that my mom and I get to create the meal together and cook it together.  I'm pretty impressed with what we're able to do as neither of us considers ourself to be a great cook.  That is changing!  Thinking that we're much more capable than we give ourselves credit.


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