Julia's First Boyfriend

Jeremy picked up Julia from school yesterday and they had a really sweet heart-to-heart talk as they rode home.  He stopped to get her dinner and texted me the convo so he wouldn't forget.

Julia:  Daddy, I have a boyfriend.

Jeremy:  Oh, you do?

Julia:  Yes.  His name is Ian.

Jeremy:  Oh.  Ok.

Julia:  Yeah, I play with Rodriguez a little bit and with Ian a lot.... (long pause)... Daddy can I marry him?

Jeremy:  We'll have to see.

Julia:  Maybe when I'm older.

Jeremy:  The nice thing is that you have a lot of time to decide.

Julia:  Yeah.  Like when I'm ten.  Or nine.  I could marry him.

Jeremy:  Oh?

Julia:  Yeah.  Then I will be old enough.  Ten or nine.  Yeah.  That's good.


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