Riley told me yesterday that she wanted to get a happy meal at McD's.  I never go there and she's only been there a handful of times at the most.  Totally fine is someone takes her - doesn't bother me at all!  I just don't like to eat there so I don't take her there.  I digress.

She explained that she loves their hamburgers with only ketchup.  I told her that was cool.  She further explained:

"I love hamburgers.  But only with the ham and ketchup on it."

I don't have the heart to explain that she's eating cow meat.  She loves animals so much and I'm not sure she'd want to eat it if I told her.  Jeremy tried to explain to her what the meat was that she was eating at dinner one night.  "Chicken - you know the animal - that's what that is..."  I quickly gave him the eye as Riley was trying to identify that the food and the animal are the same.  She was confused.  We just barely won the war on her actually eating meat.  We feed her safe and healthy meat so I'm not ready to explain the "hey - this dead thing on your plate used to be that thing be-gawking on the farm."

For now, it's just best to eat our ham and ketchup and let that be what it is.


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