Going Gaga

For our Talent Show Teacher Act this year, we are doing the theme "Through the Decades."  Each team represents a dance and costume style from a particular decade starting with the 1940's.  Our team is doing the 2000's and we decided to go with Lady Gaga.  Partly due to her upbeat music (though often inappropriate so there was quite a bit of editing) and mostly due to her outrageous outfits.

The biggest challenge in doing Gaga is to be outrageous, but appropriate.  My teammates always go all out and I knew I had to rise to the challenge.  Each of us is incorporating what we teach into our outfits - Rita with art, Valerie with books, Lori with animal prints for science and music for me.

I found a picture online of a particular dress that she is known for wearing.  It was black and white and has lots of angles on it so I used that as inspiration.  I have an old formal dress from Gantos Boutique (is that even around anymore?!).  It is black and long with a criss-cross white satin pattern on the back and a large white bow and large white train coming out of the bow.

I cut off the dress so that it is above my knee and hemmed it.  I also had to take the shoulders in a few inches on each side.  I purchased a large black flower that clips onto the bow in the back.  This hides some of the 'formal' side of it and keeps with the black and white theme.

My mom brought over a red wig that is incredibly awesome!  My coworker Rita gave me a white mask and I decked it out with rhinestones to recreate one of Gaga's looks.  I created a large rhinestone treble clef on the front of my dress tonight.  Tomorrow I'll be adding notes to the train in rhinestones. I also used some bright pink leotard fabric from when I made Riley a new leotard and used it as a backing behind the criss-cross white pattern.  That way I can actually wear a bra and I don't have to use a special one that's not as comfortable!

To add rhinestones, I found this video on YouTube that was really helpful!  Got the E6000 glue and it works like a charm!


For the side of one of my straps, I am adding sheet music that is folded like an accordion.  They will be pinned onto the dress to create a large fan of music on that side.

My tights are black with little sparkles everywhere.  But my shoes are wild!!  My shoes are white with a little zipper on the side, about five inches tall with a large wedge in front and stiletto heels in back.  They tie in the front as well and have square rhinestones on the sides.

When I was shopping for the shoes with Jeremy at DSW and putting on these crazy shoes, the saleslady looked at me and said "You liking those?"  I told her what I needed them for and she said "Get those - they are definitely Gaga!"

I'll be curious to see if students even recognize me as I look nothing like myself when it's all on.  Can't wait to do the show on Wednesday!!


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