This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at school.  Several students brought me cards and one brought me a box of Godiva Chocolates.  They looked delicious so I ate all four of them - in one sitting.  I broke them all in half to check the insides for nuts like I always do.  As soon as I finished them, I felt itchy but didn't notice it badly and figured that there wasn't anything crunchy in them so I must be fine.

I did the MMX - Mixed Martial Arts - workout for P90x3 tonight and felt as if my hands were swollen and rubbed raw.  Assumed it was due to doing lots of sprawls.  Though I have done the workout several times and had no reaction.  Then the hives started to appear.  Everywhere.  It has been several hours and I want to claw my skin and destroy the itching that has overtaken my body from head to toe.  At the moment, my torso is beyond excruciatingly itchy and it's all I can do to not scratch.

Went to the Godiva website and sure enough - one of the small chocolates (only one!) - had pralines in it, but they are creamy pralines and I wouldn't have noticed as it was so smooth and there weren't pieces of it in them.  Sure enough - I'm having an allergic reaction to the nuts.  The chocolate was literally an inch by an inch and the inside was smooth, but not large.

I took two benadryl, but am waiting for them to take more effect.  My hands are less swollen and my arms are less itchy than they were.  My poor legs are scratched up from having a hard time holding back itching them.  I told Jeremy that this must be what it is like to be on drugs that make you feel like you have things crawling on you.  Oh. My. Word. This. Itches. So. Bad.

My dad had asked me a few days or so ago if I was still allergic to nuts.  I told him I was sure I was as I'd had reactions even in the last few years to point to that.  Tonight is one of those times.  Yes, Dad - I am still very very very much allergic to nuts.  Thankful that I'm able to breathe and not having any asthma attacks or panic attacks with it.  Thinking that I panicked when I was younger which caused more problems.

Tonight I had Riley read to me to get my mind off of it and that way she did her homework at the same time.  Praying the benadryl comes into play more and more and that I can get to bed soon before causing marks all over my arms and legs due to itching so badly.  It stinks to be this allergic to something so small.


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