Get It Together

The girls were arguing often this afternoon.  I'm sure that part of it was due to the fact that I had a very tough day at work - kids were bonkers, rude to each other and myself, horrible attitudes - made for a long day.  I then took them to Target to shop for cups/plates/party things for Riley's party tomorrow.  Wow - that was hard.

In fact, the girls were arguing in the paper plate aisle and I just asked them calmly to please do their best to make this trip as peaceful as possible - they were pushing every limit and they were on every one of my nerves.  A lady calmly turned around and said "I have a five month old girl.  I guess this is what I have to look forward to when she gets older?"

I smiled and said "Only if you take them to Target after work on a Friday.  This is not the ideal time to take them, but it's the only time we have to do it this weekend - no dinner yet, they're tired and it's Friday.  They are better on other days."  I just smiled again and she laughed and went on.

We get home and they're doing the "hi - I'm your best friend now" and a minute later it's the "I am so mad at you right now, Julia" phase and then a minute later "Fine!  I'm not your friend, Riley!"  Ahhh...

We told the girls that they would not get to watch their show tonight before bed (they always watch Olivia).  Asked the girls to go upstairs and get their pjs on.  Julia just wanted to get her princess piggy bank so we could count her money to see if she can buy a little American Girl doll (the 'cheap' (ha!) $24 mini-version).

They finally got their pjs on and came downstairs.

Julia gets to the bottom step and states "Ok - I got it together.  You got it together now, Riley?  I got it together."

She turns to Jeremy to tell him "I talked to God upstairs."

Riley interrupts with "You talked to God upstairs??"

Jeremy tells her to let Julia finish.  Julia continues with "I talked to God upstairs and told Him that I will get it together.  So!  I get it together."

Riley also announces that she now has it together too.

Jeremy starts to smirk and says he needs to talk to me so they can go in the front room to play with balloons.  (Balloons... that's another post.  Truly hate them.  And I'm sure that's insensitive and sad, but I truly do)  We loved that she used our phrase and talked to God.  Apparently we tell them to 'get it together' a lot.

Kids truly are a mirror of yourself.  And it's kind of scary sometimes.


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