Life-Size American Girl Doll Box

I found several posts on how to create an American Girl Doll box that girls can use for either Halloween or at parties.  There were several great ideas.  I didn't have some of the supplies that others used so I used what we had and made it my own.

We had just purchased a small shelf unit from Ikea (similar to Expedit, but blue with four squares) to put in Riley's room next to her bed.  The box was the perfect size to make a fun party photo prop for Riley's party.

I figured out where we needed a hole for their faces and then drew a large circle around the bottom of a bowl to make it large enough for it work.  Then cut it.

I laid it outside in the garage on top of another large piece of cardboard.  I had never used Rust-oleum before and really loved it!!  I sprayed several coats within a few minutes of each other.  I tried to spray somewhat lightly so it wouldn't run.

Rust-oleum rocks!

The sprayed box
After it had dried, I took an oversized American Girl Doll Bag that we had from when we recently purchased Julia's new doll.  I cut it into strips.

Three large strips.  The bottom has a fold in it.
I used the portion with the words on it and hot glued it across the box.  I cut it so it would fit correctly and the white duct tape for the sides would cover where it was.

Once that was done, I added white duct tape along the sides and around the circle.

Once that was done, I used the remainder of the AG bag to create stars for the sides of the box.  I used a cookie cutter as it was all I had to make sure they were the same size!

There is always one white star so I simply
turned the star over as the inside of the bag
is white.
Once that was done, the girls tested it out!


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