Where Do I Begin

This week God has been teaching me about facing challenges in groups instead of one at a time.  Riley came down with a fever on Sunday night in the middle of the night.  Kept Jeremy up most of the night.  I stayed home with her on Monday.  Our heater broke and we got it fixed.  Not as much as a brand-new heater, but still hate to spend $ on things that I wish would just work.

Today I took Julia into school and Jeremy was able to take the day off to be with Riley.  Her temp is still high and she is quite lethargic.  Poor girl just doesn't feel well at all.  I'll be home with her again tomorrow and praying this thing passes.

When I took Julia into school, there was a note in her cubby stating that there was lice found in her classmate and that we should be on alert for it.  Been there, done that and it's not anything I ever want to go through again.  Or so I hoped.  I chose to look at Julia's hair as she was sitting down to eat her breakfast.  Sure enough... found eggs.  Lovely.

Even pointed them out to her teacher, but as they were not 'live,' she stayed at school.  I thought about taking a half day, about what exactly to do.  I just want to teach!  And go back to our boring, normal, everyday, uneventful lives.  I like when drama is not a part of the everyday and it seems that life is throwing us some curveballs.  Nothing we can't overcome, but just a hassle.

Julia ended up staying at school all day long.  Picked her up, got fun shampoo and spray and combs at Walmart, got home just as my piano student was entering the room and then taught the last three hours.  Helped Jeremy get Julia's bed all sorted out and started more washing in the laundry room.

Truly nothing I despise more than lice.  Thought I'd look into this subject of 'louse' and find out some interesting facts:

1.  Lice is spread mainly through CLEAN hair.  Yes, our girls are very clean.
2.  Lice can not hop, jump or fly.  Wonder if they can sing?
3.  Using mayonnaise and a head cap will NOT kill lice.  Ewww... why would you even try that?
4.  Lice and nits can not survive in temps above 130 degree Fahrenheit.  Hot dryer and hot water included.
5.  African Americans generally do not get lice.  Thinking we're quite capable then as we are so white skinned... unfortunately.  And lice prefer girls to boys!
6.  Pets don't get lice and you can't give them lice.

Tonight will be a long night of combing, wetting, brushing, picking and checking, checking, checking some more.  Truly one of my worst nightmares to deal with again after the incident last year with Riley.


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