Let My People Go

Another day off with a sick girl :(  and :)   Love the time with her, but can't wait until she is feeling much better.  Taking her to the doctor this afternoon.

As I was getting Julia's breakfast ready, I saw water start to run out from the cabinet under the sink.  Opened the doors and water was covering the entire base of the cabinet.  Took everything out from underneath and tried to figure out where the water was coming from.  Our dishwasher was running at the time so thought that might be it.  Thankfully it's not.

I then ran the water in the sink and watched as water poured out the bottom of the garbage disposal.  Pesky thing.  Texted Jeremy and he made this joke in his text:

Disease (fever/flu)
Pestilence (lice)
Flood (well, er... flood)
What's next?  Frogs?  Water to blood?  What people are we supposed to let go?

Love that we can laugh in hard/testing times!


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