Facebook Back

So the last post I wrote recently was about my feelings on Facebook.  I took the app on my phone and found that I was checking it less often which was a good thing.  Then this morning I received a text from my mom.  It had a picture of someone sleeping.  I thought it was Julia (as the girls were both at a sleepover at my parents' house).  But when I looked at it, the baby looked nothing like Julia.  And it had a cute beanie on its head.

My brother Jon is now a dad!!!!!  And Allison is a mom!!!!!  My nephew Matthew was born this morning around 3:30am and they are all doing well.  He has the most adorable cheeks and was 7 lbs. 13 oz.  I'm so excited to be an aunt again.

After getting the text, I quickly put Facebook back on my phone.  After all, I don't want to miss these moments.  There are positives to Facebook and using it wisely will be better than missing seeing my nephew.

A couple of things I'm doing to make Facebook more useful and easier to use:

1.  Delete friends that aren't truly friends.
Sure, you won't have as many friends on it, but you'll have your 'real' friends and who's keeping track anyway?

2.  Block posts from people you don't want to lose touch with, but don't want to hear their every word.
By doing this, their posts don't show up in your newsfeed, but you can choose to view their page when you feel you can handle reading what they've bragged about, talked about, or when you want to know what they ate for breakfast.

3.  Choose a time to check Facebook once a day and leave it at that.
I will often check anytime I see a number pop up or a pop-up message showing that someone said/did/wrote something.  That takes me away from my family and oftentimes it isn't urgent.  Ok - it rarely is.  Having self-control with it and only checking once a day will help me stay in the moment with my family.

4.  Text
Make sure I have cell phone numbers of my friends, family and coworkers so I don't have to send messages via facebook.


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