Crochet Organic Baby Beanie

Here is a pattern for a baby beanie using 100% Organic Yarn (I use Nature's Choice).  I was trying to find a baby beanie to match the cocoons that I make and couldn't find one that worked like I wanted it to so I wrote this one.

Crochet Organic Baby Beanie

1 skein of Nature's Choice Organic Yarn
I hook


ROW 1:    Make a magic circle.  Ch 2 (counts as a DC).  Make 9 more DC.  Pull string tight and sl st into top of first ch 2.  Total of 10 DC

ROW 2:  Ch 2.  DC in same st.  2 DC in each st around.  Sl st into top st of first DC.  Total of 20 DC.

ROW 3:  Ch 2. DC in same st.  1 DC in next st.  *2 DC in next st.  1 DC in next st.*  Repeat from * to * around.  Total of 30 DC.

Rows 4 - 7:  Ch 2.  DC in each st around.  Total of 30 DC.



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