Up Next: Strep Throat

Julia came home yesterday from daycare looking really pitiful.  Her upper lip and under her nose is so chapped and cracked due to rubbing it all day long with kleenex at school.  I chose to sleep with her last night as she wasn't feeling well, but didn't have a fever or anything to accompany the runny nose.

During the night, she had trouble breathing when she inhaled and made funny sounds.  Kept waking up and coughing.  Sounded different than croup that we've dealt with in the past.  After not much sleep at all, I called into work around 4am to give some possibility of a sub picking up the job.

Took her to the doctor and they tested her for the flu.  She had strain B a few weeks ago but it was possible she had it again.  Thankfully that was negative.  They then tested for strep because they'd been seeing so much of it lately.  In my mind, I thought that it was very unlikely she had it as she was exhibiting no symptoms of it - as far as what I'm used to seeing with it.

A few minutes later the doc walked in and said she was positive for strep!  We went to Walmart and picked up a prescription as well as our week's worth of groceries.

February has been a brutal month of sickness for the girls.  Praying that March is much better!!


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