Valentine's Gifts

Reasons to not do anything for each other this Valentine's Day:

1.  The restaurants will be crazy busy!  Usually we celebrate a few days early or late to avoid long waits.

2.  We just plunked down over $1000 between the heater and the plumbing this week.

3.  Our roofer came out as part of our chimney needs replacing so that will require more $$.  Or should I say $$$$?

4.  I am out of sick days/vacation days for work and actually owe money for going over my days.

5.  Our week was long and no need to stress out more about finding something just to find something.

Jeremy and I are about as practical as you can get.  I took the girls to the store to get special shampoo with Rosemary in it (aids in keeping away lice), lice kits, new brushes and hair ties, etc...   Did this yesterday and found a $3.99 Yoda doll with some jelly beans attached.  Also went to the card section and bought him a sweet card.  Total I spent $6.99.  (And yes, I am including this in my $50 allowance per month as it was 'extra' $ spent.)

He came home from work yesterday to find the card Yoda.  He was like "Oh man!  What?!  We weren't going to do anything and now I feel bad."  I let him know that I remembered that, but couldn't resist at least saying 'thank you' for his help this week.  He opened the card to read the phrase I wrote:  "Yo-da one for me."  Then laughed.  Thought my originality in writing that was... well, original!  :)

As Riley said several times today as she was wondering what Grandma and Grandpa would think of their paintings, "It's not the gift that's important;  it's the thought you put into it."


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