Gone with the Wind

Author:  Margaret Mitchell
Length:  1,024 pages
Interesting facts about the book:

-Scarlett was partly based on Mitchell herself and her grandmother
-Rhett was based on Mitchell's first husband Red Upshaw
-the initials JRM in her dedication refer to her second husband John Reginald Marsh
-Margaret Mitchell maintained the only character taken from real life was Prissy the maid
-When asked who she'd like to be in the movie version, Mitchell said 'Prissy'
-Like a detective novelist, Mitchell wrote the last chapter first and the first chapter last
-GWTW is the only book to sell more copies than the bible
-Mitchell nearly went blind just proofreading the manuscript!
-Mitchell scrupously researched every detail for GWTW, even going to the town register to ensure there was no Rhett Butler or Scarlett O'Hara alive during the Civil War
-The novel took ten years to complete, most of it was written in three
-For style, she endeavoured to make her prose so that a five-year old could read it
-If she were ever to write a sequel, it would be called 'Back With the Breeze'

There is definitely a reason this book won the Pulitzer Prize.  I love the character depth, the descriptions,the entire book.  I must admit that by the end I was sad that it was over and yet relieved because it was such a heavy reading.  The end was so tragic.  Even so, I must say that it is one of my favorites ever.

I will have to go back and watch the movie now as it has been years.  I remember many parts of the movie.  My favorite part when I was a girl was the big party at the Wilkes' home 'Twelve Oaks.'  I always wanted a hoop skirt, a green and white dress and large hat.

As I read, I could picture Vivien Leigh as Scarlett and am so thankful she was the actress that portrayed her as she caught the essence of Scarlett.  Loved that the casting in the movie was with Clark Gable as Rhett as well. Looking forward to watching it at some point again.


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