Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide

Having a hard time figuring out which book to read next!  Can't remember the second book of the Divergent series well and started the third book, but can't remember much.  About 30% through The Total Money Makeover, but Jeremy and I are reading it by ourselves and then coming together to talk about it and make a plan for how to pay off our credit line that we took out when our a/c, heat, duct work, all kitchen appliances and fence all went bad within three week of each other.  Ouch.  Making headway but can't wait until it's over and done!

I digress.  I am not ready to shell out $$ to buy some of the books I want as we just spent quite a bit this week on house repairs.  So I read a more light-hearted book:  Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You Will Ever Need.

Humorous.  He calls himself "We" throughout the book.  Gives us ideas for what to do in the 50 States, North America and Europe.  Don't believe a lot of what is said; though some of the festivals and things listed inside are true and truly strange.


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