It's pouring

The saying "When it rains, it pours" seems to be running through my mind today.  Julia finished getting over her flu at the end of last week.  She didn't have a fever long and wasn't contagious, but still felt not-so-well and didn't eat much until today really.

Last night Riley slept with Jeremy and kept him awake pretty much all night.  Neither one slept much at all and when I woke up, Riley was still awake at 6am.  I felt her forehead and she was running a temp.  A stay-at-home day for her.  She hasn't eaten anything except a few bites of a poptart and won't drink hardly a thing.  Mostly lays in bed and says she is either cold or tired.  She's still sleeping at the moment.

As I brought her downstairs to take her temp, I noticed that it was freezing.  A nice cool 65 degrees when the heater is set for 73.  Turns out our heater is broken.  I called our friend Richard who owns Cool Air Company and he got us all set up for a guy to come out about two hours later.

Thankfully it turns out we just need a new $145 part plus labor.  Something about the spark plug thing that causes it to light.  Kind of important.  They had to order it and it was looking like we wouldn't get it in until tomorrow afternoon, but they were able to get it quickly so the guy will be coming out here in about 30 minutes to install it.  Just very very thankful that it is a part needed and not a new heater.

I realize that this could be so much worse than what it is.  Ready for life to calm down (ha!) and everyone to be back to health again.


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